Soap&Skin #2 - Live at Union Chapel Review

I saw Soap&Skin at Union Chapel last night, I walked out completely speechless.
Anja Plaschg is one of the most talented twenty year olds you'll ever witness. How she is still relatively unknown in the UK I have no idea. Her songs make Florence, Marina and co seem like a Channel Five production.
Last years 'Lovetune For Vacuum' is a masterpiece, her delayed show at the wonderful Union Chapel was a must see, the anticipation was evident and with the addition of an ensemble promised to make the concert "gig of the year" potential...

It's doubtful that the chapel has ever seen such a dark, gothic and demonic performance, a witches sabbath had arrived and from the outset their were some dark and deeply disturbing synth noises buzzing around the chapel. Anja is remarkable on the piano, her songs are hypnotic and the ensemble added wonderful depth to her songs. There were parts that were truly majestic and spellbinding, probably the greatest set closure I've seen this year. A version of "Marche Funebre" that was just jaw droppingly amazing.
Watch an older version of it below: 

Parts that were beyond beautiful, such as "Cynthia" and "Mr. Gaunt PT 1000"... From the same Paris show:

There were signs of frailty, she dedicated a song to her father, that clearly unsettled her and she was visibly tearful afterwards. She broke down completely during "Spiracle", I was unsure if she'd be able to continue. To her immense credit, once she composed herself after a hug from her backing singer she managed to pull off a spectacular version, with an epic wail that echoed around Union Chapel.

Despite seeming overwhelmed, the last song of the main set was a remix version of  "Marche Funebre" where she managed to look so confident, standing at the front of the stage orchestrating the ensemble and looking utterly mesmerised and transfixed.

The show was emotional and magical, there were some astonishingly intense and powerful moments, you can only see Soap&Skin (Soap and Skin) return even stronger.
I'll be there.