Zola Jesus #7 - Poor Animal - New Single


Another quick news post, far too busy this week - hopefully will start going through some new music soon.

If you've read this blog for a while, you'll know I'm pretty faithful to the artist that I like, well Zola Jesus is certainly one of them...
Probably the gig I'm most looking forward to in the next four weeks is the ZJ / Former Ghosts gig at XOYO on the 1st of November- tickets: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/88075 (I'm not sure how it's not sold out already!)

Zola Jesus releases what I think is her debut UK 7" on the same day via Souterrain Transmissions (head here for more details). It's a new song for the UK "Poor Animal" backed by one of the stand out's of 'Stridulum II' "I Can't Stand". Pre-Order from RT - 500 copies only.

US fans will get the track and the rest of the bonus songs on 'Stridulum II' on the Valusia EP out next week via Sacredbones.
Listen to "Poor Animal" below, It's fantastic, everything I've come to expect from Nika. Dark, moody atmospheric and gorgeous:

and here is a live version from the Rough Trade show you can get from my last ZJ post.
Zola Jesus - Poor Animal (Live at Rough Trade) by morrisday