Caitlin Rose #14 - Live at XOYO Review

Photo by Kmeron

I'll keep this post shorter than my previous, over the past few months I've given Caitlin Rose lots of praise on here, all of it deserved but I'm running short of new superlatives to describe her!

Tuesday 16th saw Caitlin headline her biggest London show to date (next year it will be even bigger places) at the new venue XOYO (so new it looks unfinished) with the addition of a full band for the first time, although I missed Jordan on bass and backing vocals (over the late summer shows her voice complimented Caitlin's so well) this show was a whole lotta fun, the addition of a drummer and a more dominate role for Spencer allowed Caitlin more room to play around with the arrangement of the tracks than during the summer shows, especially with foot-stomping tracks such as "Spare Me" and "Shanghai Cigarettes". "Spare Me" is one of my live favourites and it truly was a treat, "That's Alright" another blast with Jeremy allowed to wonder off on his guitar solos.

Caitlin's playful, witty banter and show stopping vocal range completely won over a pair of show virgins next to me and I think that is the perfect summation of her shows, you'll enter the building liking those few songs you heard on Radio Two, during the show you are hanging on to every note, every word and when you leave you are completely smitten.

Two new covers were played (well new to me), the beautiful "Faithless Love" and "Young Blood" by The Coasters which certainly won the vote for funniest moment of the night during the deep backing vocals of the drummer (sorry didn't catch the name). A country star and a 'rock & roll' star too, whatever Caitlin turns her hand to, it turns to gold.

Caitlin Rose - Faithless Love (J D Souther) by morrisday
Caitlin Rose - Young Blood (The Coasters) - Live at XOYO by morrisday

Caitlin's setlist was:

Learnin' To Ride
New York
Own Side
Spare Me
For The Rabbits
That's Alright (Fleetwood Mac)
Shanghai Cigarettes
Sinful Wishing Well
Faithless Love ( J.D. Souther)
Young Blood (The Coasters)
--------- (Caitlin Solo)
Shotgun Wedding
Marie (Randy Newman)

If you don't have the album yet, it's been voted number four on Rough Trade's 100 albums of the year, you can order it with a new bonus 'Columbia Hotel EP' CD here.

That's not actually that short is it?! Oh well!