The Cordelier Club - New Music "Introducing"

Generally I tend to think my taste is pretty much in the category of miserable / dark when it comes to both music and lyrics. It's not very often I find myself liking what I would classify as "poppy" music, generally this being up-tempo songs that could trouble the charts and are liable to make you smile.

However, sometimes I have to hold my hands up and let the inner pop junkie out, I found myself doing just that with The Cordelier Club and their single "Don’t Let It Go By". It's really pretty darn infectious, full of some lovely vocals from Alice especially (I'm not normally a big fan of vocal interchanges but it works well here), it's catchy as hell and basically damn hard not to like.

The Cordelier Club are a brother and sister duo from Cambridge and this is their debut single out on December 6th. I'll follow their progress into the new year

Listen below:
The Cordelier Club - Don't Let It Go By by Sainted PR