Daughter - New Music "Introducing"


Another wonderful voice here, Daughter is a new incarnation of Elena Tonra, I don't know too much about her other than that at the moment. I don't really need to either. I'll start my investigation of her older work tomorrow.

Her songs are delicate and pretty on first play; just her beautiful, pure voice with generally just some gentle guitar work for company, what won her over to me is the sorrowful and poetic honesty in her lyrics that really set her apart from many singer-songwriters I've heard recently.

"In The Shallows" highlights her stripped back folk beautifully, it's simply a lovely and gorgeous song, I think it's my favourite on the EP. "Tomorrow" is another brilliant song, it has a wonderful percussion beat to it and then their is the more up-tempo "Run" (not to be confused with Snow Patrol's lighter waving "anthem") which accentuates Elena's voice perfectly.

You can download the four track demo EP for FREE here. Do so. Sample below:
Daughter - Run (demo) by morrisday