Beast Make Bomb - New Music "Introducing"

Back after a prolonged period of festive eating and drinking with Beast Make Bomb from New York City.
They've a rather lovely EP called 'Skinny Legs' which you can download on a pay what you like basis, you can listen to below.

It's catchy as hell, full of sparkling guitars and ethereal female vocals creating a punk-rocky sound which an fair dosage of pop. Highlighted to perfection on the two potential hits of "Zombie Song and "Rewind" both could be radio-friendly A-Playlisted with their infectious melodies and enough oh and ohh's to get inside your head from the first listen.

From a quick peek on the bands facebook page it seems they've been recording a second EP, that will be one to check out.

Zombie Song (Beast Make Bomb) from Beast Make Bomb on Vimeo.