The Boxer Rebellion #3 - New Album News and First Single Video

The third album by The Boxer Rebellion is nearly with us, 'The Cold Still' is released in the UK on February 7th.

Go to the boxers own website to read more about it and the news that it will be accompanied by a bonus disc of previously unreleased material on orders from HMV! That sounds rather splendid.

If you want a signed version you can get one from Recordstore. If you prefer(!) it digitally, here is an iTunes link with a bonus track "You"

'The Cold Still' tracklisting is as follows:

No Harm
Step Out Of The Car
Locked In The Basement
Cause For Alarm
Caught By The Light
Organ Song
Both Sides Are Even
The Runner

As well as that news, you can also watch the video for the first single off the album "Step out of the car" below:

I like it, it's perhaps not "Evacuate" but it's a nice preview of the album, looking foward to hearing the rest and of course seeing the band live again, they never fail to but on a show... think I'm on about ten times now which says that better than words.