Fierce Creatures - New Music "Introducing"

Fierce Creatures released their debut EP 'I Mostri Feroci' this past summer but it only came to my attention thanks to an email from Nathaniel from the band... Although hailing from California, I'm getting quite a few English similarities, Wild Beasts and the sadly defunct Grammatics along with a similar vibe of Fanfarlo spring to mind.

'I Mostri Feroci' is a quirky folk-pop EP full of fast choruses, crazy yet brilliant instrumentations and beautiful harmonised male/female vocals.

"Satan is a Vampire" sets the tone for the EP. Sparkling, twinkly guitars combine with meandering vocals and infectious chants. Keys, and orchestral pieces are interwoven during many of the tracks and repeat listens discovers hidden depth. On the more subtle ballad "The Great White" Amanda takes a great amount of the vocal duty with beautiful results.

Probably my favourite though is the wonderful closure "The Brute and The Beast" which starts gentle percussion, strings and more shimmering guitar yet breaks into an almost western-esque sound midway through before ending in an epic and insane finale which leaves you wanting much more. Hopefully next year will bring just that with a new EP / full-length due.

'I Mostri Feroci' is a richly textured EP, one which embodies many musical genres and stylings over its twenty five minute duration, which when taken apart, co-exist to create an album of lush beauty, and satisfaction. The EP costs just $5 from the band direct and it looks rather nice too. See below:

Listen & Download a track from the EP below:
Satan Is a Vampire by fiercecreaturesband