The Joy Formidable #9 - Spin Session and Passion Pit Cover

The countdown is well and truly on until 'The Big Roar' is released. 24th January in the UK (a little later in Europe and March in the US). If you didn't see the last post make sure you do (or head over to The Joy Formidable website for the lowdown).

This post is a wonderful three track acoustic session for Spin Magazine that recorded when in the states on tour last month. There is rare thing in this session, a cover, only the second one I've heard from TJF. It's quite suitable that it's a Passion Pit song, who the band supported last year and who helped released 'A Balloon Called Moaning' in America..

Here's streaming audio of the cover. I'm not familiar with the original but this is good:
EDIT - Clearly living in the dark ages, SPIN magazine aren't happy with streaming audio of 1/3 of a session on a blog that clearly gives them credit and a link to watch / listen to the full session, so I've had to remove the link (and also the link to SPIN). If you want to listen to it, then you'll have to go their yourself. Sorry folks.

The other newish news is that Austere will be the next single (a slightly different new album version) released on 10th January. No b-side / order info yet.