Still Corners #2 - Eyes

I'm surprised this is only the second posting I've done for Still Corners... I feel like they are a band who I name-check whenever I'm asked about bands I'm currently into and think will produce something rather special...

Here we have a new song, well when I saw new, it's a cover of a 'Rouge Wave' track called "Eyes". Naturally it comes complete with the trademark of all Still Corners releases to date; lush soundscapes and a dreamy vocal which are enough to brighten any mood.

Their next single is planned for early 2011, my advice is to keep an eye out and get it ordered before it gets snapped up just like “Don’t Fall In Love” did.

No new UK tour news besides their date at the Shhh festival on January 22nd, although I'm sure it will follow... I've seen Still Corners twice now and that figure will only multiply in 2011.
US fans will be pleased to know there is a NY show planned for March 11th.

Listen + Download below: