Stricken City #4 - New Album and The End...

This one is a bit rubbish news I'm afraid. One of my favourites (and hopes for 2011) Stricken City's next album 'Losing Colour' is to be their last... really rubbish news. I do hope it's not the last we see of them.
You can pre-order the album for a paltry £1.00 in their shop - do that - and give more because £1.00 is silly, cheap! Also get their first album too - it's amazing.
There is a farewell show at The Drop, Stoke Newington on Thursday 10th February, tickets are ridiculously cheap for that too - get them here.

Here's an album sample to enjoy before the 7th of February release date:
Losing Colour LP Preview by {Stricken City}

Watch the video for the superb title track: