Camille Delean - New Music "Introducing"

I have Anna from Flying with Anna to thank for this one. Her introductory paragraph was this:

"This is maybe my favourite thing on this list, Camille Delean’s beautiful voice and gentle melodies are a treat for the ears..."

That was enough for me to investigate Camille's music further, I'm glad I did. Although I don't know a great deal about Camille just yet, you can hear three songs on her Myspace. To date, Camille has no release (I'd put out a 7" for you tomorrow!) nor is there ability to download any track other than the demo below. That has to change too!

Camille has a strikingly beautiful voice, of that there can be no doubt, it will instantly grab you and demands attention. There is a country twang throughout but I'd certainly file Camille as a folk artist instantly on par with so many of the modern folk artists. The gentle, reflective "Tomorrow I Will Leave" is a heart-achingly gorgeous track carried by her wonderful voice and wistful lyrics. "So it Goes" is equally impressive, built around a melodic, gentle guitar and steel-pedal, it's simply stunning.

The same praise could be directed towards "Rivers" which has a more traditional  melancholic folk and less of the 'Nashville' sound. I personally am I love with all of these tracks. If you like your folk too then I think we might have just found your new favourite artist.

If you are at a loose end on Wednesday (19th Jan) Camille is one of the acts playing at The Queen's Head. Wednesday gigs are a non-starter for me so I'll have to wait for a return, they'll be many.

Here's that demo to grab quick and then brag to your friends that you've discovered the next big country-folk singer before them...
Rivers by camilledelean

A Stunning cover of Neil Young's "Homefires: