Lidwine - New Music "Introducing"

Below is an excerpt about Lidwine from her Myspace page, which perked up my interest enough to give her EP a listen:

'Influences: Prince, Björk, Kate Bush,Joanna Newsom, Gonjasufi
Sounds Like: A strong wind blowing on an unpredictable sea'

Now I'm going to have a hard time improving on the comparisons that those two simple lines draw because they are wholly accurate. There is no hiding the fact that Lidwine delivers a very similar quirky, elongated vocal to that of Iceland's favourite export. Lidwine does though manage to draw you to her music rather than just make you reach for 'Vespertine'.

Lidwine released her debut EP 'Lw' in October 2010, it's a twenty minute journey of bewitching yet beautiful slow-burning electro-folk with a sound that could soundtrack a Tim Burton movie or an eerie children's fairy tale by Grimm Brothers. There is a natural, forest like, breathy sound to the music.

Using many traditional instruments with beautiful results, harp and harmonium especially creating some delicate and delightful moments, like on this track off the EP, "Animosity":

"In The Half-Light" is another perfect example, the haunting, delicate vocals, luscious soundscapes with beautifully arranged harmonium melodies and a glorious choir. You can watch the video of the track here:

In The Half-Light - Lidwine from Lidwine on Vimeo.