Niki & The Dove - TLOBF Mother Protect Session

I was pretty certain I'd done a post about Sweden's Niki and the Dove before, but I clearly haven't apart from a brief mention in my alternative new bands of 2010 in response to an NME thread.

The trios first double A-Side 12" "DJ, Ease My Mind" / "Under The Bridge" highlighted their potential with a alluring cocktail of anthemic pop, epic choruses and euro dance (that description makes them sound horrendous music you'll hear in a German techno club - they're not!).

Then came along "Mother Project" which leaned more towards a more experimental, almost Fever Ray sound with some gothic soundscapes, a thunderous beat and even a pan-pipe solo. A musical treat for sure. Make sure you give it a spin if you are not familar with it.

The reason behind this post some two months after every other blog wrote about the band is because TLOBF today posted a rather splendid take of "Mother Protect". Watch below:

Steam the tracks we have so far below: You can by the 12" at Rough Trade.
Niki And The Dove: Streaming tracks by Oohbrilliant