Silver Swans - The National Cover

I love 'High Violet' - I put it at number four in my albums of 2010, The National were my second most played artist in 2010 (thanks!). Generally when that happens I don't like the material being messed with too much however, I really quite like this unique take on "Anyone's Ghost" by Silver Swans:

It's a dramatic, haunting, slower paced synth based version which completely changes the atmosphere of the song with beautiful, delicate vocals alongside a dreamy electro-pop sound. It is really quite lovely. Although, I do get the feeling it will go down a bit like Marmite with The National fans.

I'm not sure if Silver Swans is a side project, but vocalist Anna Yu is also lead singer in LoveLikeFire whose sound is more indie-guitar based (but also pretty good), I'll leave them for another time and concentrate on Silver Swans; Below you can listen to an original song by Silver Swans entitled "Holidays" which shows off that slow-disco chilled and quite gorgeous sound I was talking about:

Silver Swans - Holidays by silverswans

The post wouldn't be right without this, a sublime video of "Anyone's Ghost":