Phonic Riot - New Music "Introducing"

Phonic Riot are a relatively new duo from Washington, DC who have been playing together for about six months and have just released their debut EP, three tracks, on tape - you can order one of the tapes here - you'll probably want to do that after you've given it a spin below because it's quite simply fucking superb... Guitarist / Vocalist Angela Morrish has a voice that combines the range of beauty in PJ Harvey's material, an aggressive Corin Tucker and Siouxsie's banshee like wails.

It's fair to say their debut release is big and exceptional."Run Nicki Run" hits you straight off like a ghostly MBV, ambitious fuzzy shoegaze pulled together by Nathan Jurgenson's driving drums and the haunting beauty of Morrish's vocals. The song escalates to a climatic wall of sound and it really is quite brilliant. "March Girl" has a distinct gothic taint to it, with a repetitive dark guitar riff and sound that the aforementioned Polly Jean Harvey would be very content to have created.

The jewel in the crown is undoubtedly the eight minute sprawling epic "Libertina", which builds from a gentle minimalist buzz, creating desolate imagery with its dark and brooding soundscapes to a full powered searing and soaring wave of noise.

Phonic Riot - Run Nicki Run by 2,632 Tapes

This live version calls for a massive mosh-pit of crazed devotees - if Phonic Riot carry on like this I'll be there with bells on.