Terror Bird #2 - New LP and Single


The first of a couple of posts bringing some news on one of my favourite new acts, Vancouver's Terror Bird.

Possibly the most active of any group at the start of 2011, this post bring news of two of three releases penned for the first quarter of 2011, next week I'll bring news on the third, which I'm helping them release, so there may be some bias in my views here!

Terror Bird are pioneers of synth-pop producing dark 80's sounding glam pop which is both chilling and heartfelt, full of real substance and a perfect soundtrack for the increasingly gloomy world we find ourselves in.

This week saw the release of a long awaiting LP jointly released by Adagio 830 and Night People entitled 'Human Nature'. It is available to order here, the first 200 are on clear vinyl. "Human Life" showcases the sound perfectly with its reverbed vocals, haunting keyboards and minimalistic arrangements. Terror Bird are capable of both catchy pop melodies and dark new wave synth-wave doom. A reworking of "We Were Monsters" is quicker than the original version from the "Shadows in the Hall" 7" and it's vastly improved for it, the blistering pace and Nikki's gorgeous vocal have made me love this track more than I already did.
The third album of 2011 so far that will be in my end of year lists, no question.

Then we have released on 21st February a UK based single entited "Outside" b/w "When I Woke Up" which is released through new label Night School, it's limited to 300 hand-screened 7" vinyl and is another essential purchase. Order it now. "Outside" sees Nikki Never duet with a ghostly version of herself and is quite exceptional, with trademark casio-sounding backing keys and percussion. The B-Side is just as great.

Catch the band on their European tour right now - dates on their Myspace. They hit the UK on 8th March supporting Former Ghosts at Cargo and will be staying for a week.

Listen below:
TERROR BIRD  -  When I Woke Up by NightSchool
TERROR BIRD - Outside.mp3 by NightSchool