Austra #5 - Two SXSW Videos

So I've waxed lyrical about Austra at just about every possible moment recently and I'm not missing the chance to do so again for a couple of reasons; these two videos are too good not to be shared, and there are now London shows in pen.

Firstly, a rather wonderful a cappella version of new track "The Choke" (backed by Tasseomancy no less) for NPR and the latter a pulsating live performance of "Beat and the Pulse". Now all that seductive dancing has got me in a bit of a fluster!

Austra's return to the UK has been announced, taking part in Dazed Live in London on Saturday 9th April then a Manchester show on the 10th and a further London show on the 12th at Corsica Studios. Can't find tickets link yet, hopefully they'll be put here when I do. Maybe further dates will crop up at too.

Austra - Young & Gay by DominoRecordCo