Just a number 05272011 - New Music "Introducing"


This did the blogosphere rounds last week creating quite a stir judging by the play-count of the recently upload track, though I somehow missed it, so I'll post it after everyone else has already covered and probably heard it too;

The oddly titled Just a number 05272011 (27th May 2011?) hail from the Isle of Man, yes the Isle of Man (perhaps) the epicentre of TT racing and err, TT racing...

They (I'm guessing it's a they - like so many of today's new electronic acts the release of the first couple of tracks is shrouded in mystery - to keep people like me on their toes) basically sound like The Knife if they were starting anew and as I'm very much a fan of Karin Dreijer Andersson and varying artists that have cropped up thanks to the influence of the Swedish electro geniuses, I am liking this very much...

"The Pain" would fit seamlessly onto the 'Fever Ray' album, delivered in swathes of brooding ambience, abstract manipulated vocals and eerie tribal beats which basically means it's a wonderfully constructed electro-pop number. Listen to both songs "The Pain" and "He Didn't Want A Love Song" below;

THE PAIN by Just a number 05272011

He Didn't Want A Love Song from just a number 05272011 on Vimeo.