The Palpitations - Milk It

So the next release to tempt you from your hard-earned is another by a London band, this time The Palpitations who release "Milk It" on digital after a limited vinyl release last month. You can get it here and if you'd prefer a chuck of wax here.

Growing up as a indie-rock boy I've neglected those roots a bit recently in favour of doom-laden electro pop so it's nice to find something that properly grabs my attention from the genre which as a whole (and if you'd believe the nme) seems to be relying on Libertines reunions and reliving Oasis (other than The Joy Formidable that is); "Milk It" does just that, grab your attention, a ferocious and aggressive number of crunching bass-line and crashing drums, the tempo starts fast and gets faster, it literally doesn't let you go until it's finished - and then you'll probably be pressing repeat and going through the same emotions for the next three minutes.

Debut single "Tears in the Rain" is another triumphant hit, dark melodies searing through chiming guitars and the exceptional vocal of Danielle Quinn who shrieks and purrs in equal measures to a thunderous adrenalin rush peak.

The band have two London dates planned for April - see their website for full details.
Watch / listen below:

Milk It from The Palpitations on Vimeo.

The Palpitations - Milk It

 The Palpitations - Tears In The Rain