ANR - Big Problems

ANR are two guys from Miami who create some grandiose electro-pop with Michael John Hancock's falsetto crooning instantly likeable, as normal I missed their album 'Stay Kids' on release, but I caught up with the group thanks to the release of the second single from the record, "Big Problem".

The video edit of the track is intense, a twilight zone-esque eerie twinkle interwoven with some menacing synth beats before the video plays out as a cross between a Sam Raimi and Robert Rodriguez slasher flick, with a serial killer and scantily-clad ladies a plenty, probably NSFW if you are in your office... It's one of the best video's I've seen recently. I imagine there will be a Thriller style ten minute video too, look forward to seeing that.

Also check out "Stay Kids" a funky psychedelic disco floor gem. The band play The Great Escape and some other UK dates in May.

ANR - "Big Problem" from stereogum on Vimeo.

ANR - Big Problem
ANR - Stay Kids
ANR - The Endless Field Of Mercury