Emmy The Great #6 - New Album Release Date and Free Track


Little bits about the release date of the new Emmy The Great album had been leaking out the past week or so, today it was officially announced, 'Virtue' will be released on June 13th. If you want the full track listing etc head to DiS.

Emma is definetly in my favourite artists bracket, the pledge show last year was brilliant - she is playing the same church in St Pancras again in June, three times in fact - only one date has tickets left at time of writing, I'd advise you act quickly. She's brilliant on stage, dead pan humour, a gorgeous voice and of course, her fabulous material - she's also playing Glastonbury but the initial Clashfinder has a tear inducing clash with Caitlin Rose. Given Emma quotes Strummerville as a link on her website, I'd be pretty surprised if we aren't treated to secret show their late one evening too.

You can download a free track off the new album, "A Woman, A Woman, A Century of Sleep" (which you can stream below) via. If you didn't get involved in the pledge you can pre-order the album via Rough Trade - no details on their site yet but looks like it might have a bonus disc, I might be buying a CD for my Dad and keeping that then!

Anyway, the track is quite brilliant, as you'd expect:
A Woman, A Woman, A Century of Sleep by Emmy The Great

Also check out The Guardian for a track Emma wrote and sung for the Nation's happy couple, William and Kate.