Ghosts You Echo - New Music "Introducing"

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Ghosts You Echo came onto my radar due to a gig with Cold in Berlin a few backs, a show which a heavy bout of hay-fever kept me in the house for, I'm sure it'd have been a pretty spectacular gig too...

From various things I've read I can't work out if it's a solo project of Victoria Wijeratne or a five piece band, I'll go with the latter but the main focal point is definitely that of Vicky, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, seeemingly an incredibly talented one too.

'Lifeline' their second EP was released last month via Roundhouse Records (a label run by the London venue) and what immediately strikes me are the beautiful arrangements and instrumentation on each of the four tracks, I really love the violin that sweeps its way through the duration of "Pull Through" and the empowering uplifting chorus on the same song, "Pull through, show what you've got // I'm made of, I'm made of something good". Opener "Erika" is probably the most instant, incredibly layered with ambient synths, a fantastic percussion line, more sweeping strings and a beautiful vocal from Vicky, surely destined for radio airplay.

It's a world where we seem to want to draw comparisons from other artists here I'm struggling, perhaps a little reminiscent of Natasha Khan, though the bedroom doom-pop of demo "The Dead Sway" actually reminds me of favourites Terror Bird, perhaps it's the casio honed melody and the haunting vocals, it's a brilliant insight into what might be to come in any case (as long as they steer away from the Kings of Leon cover that can be heard on Soundcloud).

Ghosts You Echo - Erika
Pull Through by Ghosts You Echo
The Dead Sway (very very rough demo) by Ghosts You Echo