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Every so often a song or a voice stops you in your tracks and makes you go WHOA! Well that's exactly what happened to me with Light Asylum and their track "Dark Allies". It's absolutely massive in every sense of the word, gargantuan, enormous.

If the vocals don't grab your attention then I'm pretty sure nothing will. Singer / Songwriter Shannon Funchess has one of the most powerful and deep voices, with an intense, incredible range. Then there are the songs too. With its repetitive storm of menacing synth, "Dark Allies" is simply incredible, if this track isn't filling dance-floors for the next few years something is going wrong, I can only imagine it'd be completely insane live .

It's not a one track pony either, perhaps "Dark Allies" is the jewel in the crown but on "Knights and Week Ends" Light Asylum continue with the industrial beats, a clear signature sign is the monstrous, energetic new wave. The beat of "Skull Fuct" pays clear homage to New Order, there are other 80's post-punk influences I could spout off but I'm sure you've heard them before, what matters is it's another doom-laden electro pop beast. Just four tracks, twenty minutes in length but it's so intense and strong it leaves you breathless, wanting more. Hopefully more is what we will get, a debut LP is in the works...

Listen below:

Dark Allies by LIGHT ASYLUM

Knights and Week Ends by LIGHT ASYLUM

Here's the rather NSFW video, it's rather cool too - I was expecting a Star Wars fight at any second!:

Dark Allies - Light Asylum from Grant Worth on Vimeo.