Rayographs - New Music "Introducing"

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London based Rayographs are gearing up for the release of their self-titled debut album (out 25th April on Desire - order link). I'd not heard of them until I was scrolling through the acts confirmed for London's Stag and Dagger festival last weekend, the trio stood out as the best of the initial new (to me) bands investigated; (there are two 7" released in 2008/9 to track down too).

"Space of the Halls" is the lead offering off the album and it's rather great; infusing 60's psychedelia with dark bluesy garage soundscapes, with its video taken straight from the David Lynch handbook. Starting as a weird, eerie dream, it kicks up the tempo and uses some frenetic flashing shots towards the finale to match the intimidating, sinister atmosphere created by the hypnotically repetitive shrilling guitar riff. It has certainly given me a craving to hear the rest of the album.

Listen to Space of the Halls below and head here for a free download: You can help yourself to a further two tracks from the bands website, "Hidden Doors" especially triumphant with a smoky, sprawling beat that gathers momentum from the outset with a voluptuous and moody vocal that evokes a similar landscape to the one I mentioned last week with Religious to Damn, that of a vast open desert, rattlesnakes et al.

Here is the video:

Rayographs 'Space Of The Halls' from NTSH London on Vimeo.