Ren Harvieu - New Music "Introducing"

I can't give much of a write up because on this post for one simple reason; I literally know as much as this; Ren Harvieu is from Salford and is approximately 20 years old.

What I do know is that she possess a stunning voice, a truly stunning one, highly emotive and powerful as can be seen on the Youtube video, a cover of Roy Orbison's "Cryin'" (I've frankly no idea what's going on with Glasvegas in the video).

The seldom link on her myspace (I thought that was dead already?) gives a hint with a Soundcloud link to Island Records for another track "Through The Night", so I'm guessing she's Island Records main hope for 2012. There's a certain jazz club feel that won't be to everyone's taste I'm sure but the sultry old-school feel to the track is quite magnificent.