Russian Red #2 - Fuerteventura

Russian Red returns with her second album 'Fuerteventura' on May 10th, for a reason completely unknown to me she is ridiculously ignored in the UK, hopefully this second album will change that... For a limited time, if you sign up to her mailing list you can get the title track for free.

I've done just that and it's wonderful, "Fuerteventura" is a cutesy folk waltz highlighting Lourdes' quirky and gorgeous voice perfectly, it's a song that is so easy to love instantly. You can stream the lead single off the album "I Hate You But I Love You" below, a wistful ballad that while straightforward is carefully crafted and has a beautiful melody making it as equally pleasurable as anything off her debut 'I Love Your Glasses'.

I was pretty tempted to pre-order this rather lovely deluxe vinyl set of the album, but I was put off with the postage charge - in keeping with most third party hosting sites that think it's actually okay to charge £12.91 to ship a vinyl (admittedly box-set) to the UK. I think I'll wait for a proper distribution channel to have the release, for £13 I'd expect Miss Hernández to deliver it personally (sure there'd be quite a few takers if she were!).

There's a host of Spanish dates in April, hopefully the UK will see at least a couple of shows, I don't think she's ever played here...

Russian Red - I Hate You But I Love You