Trust - New Music "Introducing"

I was intrigued and also slightly put off by Toronto duo Trust for two reasons, firstly Maya Postepski who's the drummer in Austra is the songwriter in this project (that's the intrigue), the put off was the cover of the vinyl, I won't post it her but let's leave it as it's NSFW... The duo's sound fits perfectly in the icy cool 80's cold-wave scene that's having a resurgence at the moment.

Robert Alfons takes the lead with haunting, effected vocals whilst the brooding, slow-motion synths would be perfect at a goth disco. US folks can order the 7" from one of the best labels going, Sacred Bones.

Listen to "Candy Walls" below, their single and certainly my favourite and then the equally provocatively titled "Glory Hole". Not a band for Daily Mail readers then...


Trust - Candy Walls