The Voyeurist - New Music "Introducing"

Facebook / I can normally pinpoint how I came across a band, but I don't actually know how I discovered The Voyeurist. I've a bookmark folder with 100's of bands I stumble across with the intention of listening to when I'm in such a mood, generally this folder gets larger and larger, anyway, The Voyeurist were in their and the name took me by fancy, so I clicked on their Soundcloud and voilà; here we are...

Perhaps I should have grown up in a world where people only listen to Krautrock for its influences are certainly sound-tracking the majority of my 2011. Yesiree, The Voyeurist are fine purveyors of brooding, new wave electro-pop. Listen to "NW1" or "Messiah" for a perfect introduction to the London three-piece, distinct industrial undertones run through dark sinister beats, yet there is a pop-orientated and almost catchy rhythm to their output.

Ghostly coo's introduce "His Face Was a Spider", before rumbling drums and throbbing bass take the track on a menacing journey of claustrophobic macabre ambiance. This is edgy pop noir, if The xx are comedown music, then The Voyeruist are the trip.

Now I'm off to find a some people to lure into a dark, leaky basement and make them listen to this loudly, on repeat.*

Messiah. by TheVoyeurist

His face was a spider. by TheVoyeurist

NW1. by TheVoyeurist

The Voyeurist - NW1 from Pierre Henri Landriau on Vimeo.

* I'm not actually going to do that officer, please don't arrest me, I'm just a geeky music-blogger.