We Walk on Ice - New Music "Introducing"

Facebook // I was recommended We Walk on Ice by a very reliable source, once again he was bang on the money. The duo is made up of lead singer and guitarist Ida Jacobsson orginally from Sweden and drummer Lincoln Trevisani from Brazil, they are based in London. With such wide ranging upbringings their sound could have been anywhere from Abba to CSS though thankfully We Walk on Ice appear not (I'm basing this on two songs after all) to be an amalgamation of those two acts. Instead there is a lush and ethereal indie-pop sound, oozing with a dreamy atmosphere and soaring melodies.

If you listen to the quite brilliant tracks available on Soundcloud, "The Beast" and "Sea Sick" you'll see why. Ttwo sugar-coated wonders, Ida's vocal flows through with a real breezy beauty, backed by some precise percussion and echoey guitar. I am certainly looking forward to seeing / listening to more.

Sea Sick by wewalkonice

The Beast by wewalkonice