Bastardgeist - New Music "Introducing"


I'll start this off with a no-no, a negative, let's say I'm not a fan of the band-name but the music of Bastardgeist are producing is the sort of music I expected the blog world to be going crazy for so I just did a hypemachine search and drew and almost blank. Odd.

According to the PR releases Bastardgeist is Chicago's Joel Midden, a solo artist working with orchestral samples, live playing, loops, processed sound and vocals however it seems from his facebook that he's expanded to a live-band of four and with an album release on the agenda (as well as a May UK tour), it might just be time for people to stand up and pay attention to Bastardgeist.

The sound is undoubtedly experimental, layered ambient textures with soft synths and manipulated rumbles. Vocals appear to play second fiddle to the sonic atmospherics, but when they shine (like on "Cast Away") there is an ethereal quality. If you want to hear some lush and beautiful  heart-warming melodies give Bastardgeist a listen below:

Cast Away by Bastardgeist
Bastardgeist - Cabbageheads
Nothings (Demo) by Bastardgeist