Benjamin Francis Leftwich - New Music "Introducing"

I'd heard of Benjamin Francis Leftwich through the title-track to his previous digital EP 'Pictures', a gentle warming folk song that perhaps was a perfect introduction to BFL, delicate melodies combining with Ben's soft fragile voice played over a single, acoustic guitar being calmly plucked. The craftsmanship is understated and utterly stunning.

That track alone almost prompted a blog and probably deserved one too, however, the track that made me go "wow" and start this post is a track from his forthcoming release "Box of Stones".

Ben takes the formula trademarked in 'Pictures' and improves it further, "Box of Stones" is plain and simply beautiful. His voice is intimate, intoxicating and utterly majestic, it features some gorgeous backing vocals too (from Hayley Hutchinson of The Sorry Kisses - I was pretty surprised to find that out as I didn't originally place it), it's another song that strikes you because of its simplicity and honesty, evoking dreamy imagery, it may just be the perfect song to relax to.

“Box of Stones” is released June 5th via Dirty Hit and is the first single from BFL's upcoming album ‘Last Smoke Before The Snowstorm’ out on June 20th. Catch Ben live in June on a headlining tour and performances at numerous festival including Glastonbury and Green Man.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Box Of Stones
Benjamin Francis Leftwich - Pictures