Bonjay - New Music "Introducing"

Bonjay are Toronto duo Alanna Stuart (vocals) and Pho (beats & effects) who combine dance-floor electro with a stunning R&B vocal. They release their debut UK single on 6 June via One Bird Records and you can sample both sides below:

Both tracks come from the same left-field dance arena.  The minimal "Creepin'" with whirling, pulsing loops is more introspective while "Stumble" grabs your attention from the second it starts, with grimy high-energy beats, repetitive glitches and heavy bass. Though what made me reach for the repeat button was the compelling vocals, soulful and utterly entrancing throughout.

Creepin by onebirdrecords

Stumble by onebirdrecords

If you are unsure about how to dance to this, see below:

Bonjay - Stumble (Addy version) from Bonjay on Vimeo.