Emika - New Music "Introducing"


Emika is a British born artist who now lives in Berlin (parallels with Planningtorock there - though her music has more in common with another artist who has spent some time in the German capital and Bristol, Anika), she is signed to Ninja Tune and has three singles available on iTunes, all of which can be streamed below in their original form. (Buy their packages for an array of remixes if that is your thing).

Starting with her most resent outing "Count Backwards" which builds around a hushed backing where she counts the numbers "6, 8, 9, 1, 1, 0, 8,0" (in reverse that's 8th January 1986, perhaps Emika's date-of-birth?). Throughout her voice is fragile yet overwhelmingly beautiful and seductive whilst the sparse, scratchy minimalist electronica with intermittent scratchy noises and looping synths is equal parts calming and foreboding.

Previous singles "Double Edge" and "Drop The Other" are from the same school-field, equally brooding Portishead-esque tracks, "Double Edge" arguably my favourite with its deep bassline, though "Drop The Other" complete with Emika's breathy vocal delivery, stuttering glitches and dubby beats is a stunning track too, listen below:

Emika - Count Backwards (Radio Edit)
Emika - Drop The Other
Emika - Double Edge