Hella Better Dancer - New Music "Introducing"

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I recently did a post about Ghosts You Echo who are signed to a small label, Roundhouse Records. At the same time I came across another band signed to the same label, Hella Better Dancer.

When I searched for some basic info on the group I came across this "All four members are in sixth form". That one sentence is enough to make me green with envy. Primarily because I'm getting to the stage where I can't even remember my sixth form days and secondly because for a group so young, they've got a fantastic sound that belies their jealousy inducing youth whereas I'm about as tone-deaf as it comes.

On "Last Song" and "Fuse" I can't help but think of another youthful band who swept the indie scene in 2008, Cajun Dance Party (who split but members have since formed a little band named Yuck). A gorgeous and restrained vocal from front-lady Tilly was the initial appeal, backed by some tight percussion, jangly guitar riffs and fantastic arrangement the group manage to infuse catchy indie-pop tunes with a great level of maturity. Instead of coming out all guns blazing and saving the "proper tunes" for the second album the London foursome have get their stall out from the beginning and crafted something extremely praiseworthy.

Their more recent EP 'Swimming' shows incredible progression, "Hundred Balloons" with some luscious melodies and shimmering soundscapes is immediately appealing and effortlessly cool, it's probably their stand-out to date though "Say It" and "Twenty Three" both have that catchy, jangly poppy beat that could well become their trademark. Cliché time, if Hella Better Dancer (it's a bit of a tongue-twister name guys!) were a stick of rock, they'd have promising written right the way through it.

The band are doing their A-Level's right now so are off the gigging circuit till the summer (good luck guys!) though again that just makes me go 'sigh', right, I'm off down the pub, I don't have any exams!

Hundred Balloons by Hella Better Dancer

Say It by Hella Better Dancer