I Break Horses #2 - Hearts

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I was blown away by the three demos I heard from Maria Lindén last July, so must have been Simon Raymonde who had quickly signed the Stockholm startlet to his Bella Union label, alongside musical partner Fredrik Balck the duo make up I Break Horses who could very well be the soundtrack to the back end of your 2011.

Since those early soundcloud demos which prompted me to included Maria in my tips for 2011 thread back in December it's been pretty quiet, until this week when a new version of "Hearts" was made available. It's one of the most stunning shoegaze tracks you'll hear this year, bathed in glorious fizzed-up reverb, it gradually builds in momentum drive by a pulsating synth (which remind me of the Terminator theme in no bad way at all), an echoey drum beat and the hushed yet stunningly ethereal vocal of Maria.

If you love luscious, swirling soundscapes then you need to hear this track now. Not seen an official release date for this or the LP yet, stay tuned.

Listen / Watch below:
I Break Horses - Hearts by Bella Union

I Break Horses - Wired (Demo) by I Break Horses