Planningtorock #2 - The Breaks


How do you follow up a track as incredible as "Doorway"? Well Janine Rostron aka Planningtorock has had a exceptional attempt with "The Breaks", equally ominous and unsettling with equal parts beauty and melodrama throughout, it could ever grow to be better than "Doorway". Not sure what's going on in the video, but watch / listen below.

There's a great article on Planningtorock in this months Stool Pigeon, if you know where to pick up a free copy I highly recommend it.

CANNOT wait to see Planningtorock three times in four days in less than a fortnight, firstly at The Great Escape (full feature coming at the end of the week) and then two London shows, firstly at Electrowerkz (May 16th Tickets) and then the following day at Rough Trade East (pre-order the album 'W' with a bonus four track CD). Along with Austra, easily my most anticipated releases of the year since 'The Big Roar'.

THE BREAKS from planningtorock on Vimeo.

I've not posted this remix yet, Creep remix "Doorway", it loses some of the terror and certainly isn't as good, but it's pretty interesting:
Doorway (Creep Remix) by DFA Records