Primavera 2011 - Ten Bands to See (Part One)

I'm not sure I've recovered from The Great Escape yet, in fact I definitely haven't but in just twenty four hours it's time to set course (Ash Cloud permitting) for Barcelona and Primavera Sound 2011. A pretty stunning line-up for the three day event (with pre and after show sandwiched to make it a five day long affair for the hardcore). Here are ten bands that I intend to see over the weekend split into two parts, the first five below:

San Miguel Stage: Friday May 27th, 01:45h
I'll start with the most glaringly obvious choice of the weekend, the return of the best band of the nineties, Pulp. Since Jarvis and co announced last November that they'd be returning from hiatus for a summer of shows (and then who knows) I've been as excitable as a three year old in a toy barn and now finally we are in the same calendar week as the first show...

In general I've not been a big fan of the mass reform culture we've seen the last few years, it seems a lot of groups are milking any remaining drops of the cash cow before it's too late but for Pulp I think it's going to be a totally different ball game.

What's the set-list going to be? Will we see some older gems alongside the more obvious tracks like "Babies", "Common People", "Do You Remember The First Time?" etc etc. Me, I'd like to see a couple of tracks from 'Separations' and definitely some off my favourite Pulp album 'This is Hardcore', one thing for certain it's going to be bloody awesome.

Perfume Genius
Rockdelux (Auditori) Stage: Saturday 28th May, 16:00h
I'm looking forward to finally seeing Mike Hadreas aka Perfume Genius live for the first time, he played in London last week but I decided to see Planningtorock (which was pretty great as you'd expect) so had to miss out, it would have been a much gut-wrenching clash if it wasn't for this early show in the seated Auditori which has the potential to be one of the most magical, sublime shows of the entire weekend.

'Learning' is certainly one of the best albums of 2010 its hauntingly beautiful and intimate nature in a quiet arena should translate into a show that's something a little bit special.

No Joy
Jägermeister Vice Stage: Friday 27th May, 23:00h
No Joy were absolutely brilliant when I saw them at Hoxton Bar & Grill back in February, half an hours worth of a deafening shoegaze wall of sound that was absolutely lovely on my ears.

On their debut record 'Ghost Blonde' the vocal is low in the mix and live it's the same with the two girls (on the live stage backed by two blokes on drums and bass who both add perfectly to the overall ambience) preferring to rock out their guitars, long hair covering their faces, it was frenetic and an absolute joy (yeah I know) full of fuzzy, pounding noise. I've frequently mentioned how much I love their self-titled track "No Joy" and I'm certainly going to be there to hear it again.

Pitchfork Stage: Thursday 26th May, 21:45h
I was meant to have a date with Cameron Mesirow a while back but in the end I went to see TJF (again), meaning that this will be my first experience of a live Glasser show and I'm full of anticipation about finally breaking that duck.

Last years 'Ring' put Glasser on most peoples lips with its weaving cocktail of percussion heavy throbbing electronica, with Cameron's gorgeous vocals and a healthy dose of tribal chants and hand-claps it was a simply stunning debut and if the life show is any where near as expansive as the album, then it's going to be simply divine.

Of Montreal
San Miguel Stage: Thursday 26th May, 20:00h
I first saw Of Montreal at Cargo probably three years ago and then later supporting Franz Ferdinand and their weird hallucinogenic psychedelic live spectacle completely blew FF out of the water, their prolific output has been a bit lost on me recently but I still absolutely love their 'Hissing Fauna....' LP and their live show is a 100% mind-boggling enjoyment guarantee.

Expect grand stage designs, epic costumes, Kevin Barnes to spend at least two songs in the crowd and for it get even more random than you could possibly envisage.