Primavera 2011 - Ten Bands to See (Part Two)

This is the second part of ten bands that I intend to see in Primavera, the first part can be found here.

Llevant stage: Saturday 28th May, 18:45h
Blog favourite Warpaint fill more column inches shock. After my failure to see the girls at The Great Escape attendance at this show will be compulsory and thankfully with The Soft Moon playing directly before them means that I shall be aptly positioned to do just that.

I'm not sure I need to repeat myself again, I've mentioned probably about twenty times just how stunning this band are, and even more so on the live stage. Looking forward to it.

ATP stage: Thursday 26th May, 18:00h
It's all been quiet in the Islet world in 2011 as far as I've been aware, the Welsh group released a couple of superb EP's in 2010 and I've not heard anything from them since.

When I saw them last year, the show was utterly chaotic, tending to swap instruments between songs. Laden with clattering drums (a lot of clattering drums), skewed melodies, propulsive rhythms and either a single vocal or all members yelping at the same time - if you want to start your Primavera with a hypnotic, energetic show, Islet should be your port of call.

Pitchfork Stage: Friday 27th May, 17:00h
As I'm going to Spain to watch a music festival it's only fair that I include a Spanish act (I probably should say Catalan act as the band are from Barcelona) as one of my one's to watch, I'm certainly going to be in attendance early on Friday to catch Aias.

The girls speak in Catalan but don't let the language barrier put you off because if you are a fan of the surf-pop scene that's made Vivian Girls, Best Coast, Dum Dum Girls and so on nme darlings then you are sure to love Aias. Their album 'A La Piscina' is full of jangly, reverb-heavy fuzzy guitars, you know the sort, basically lo-fi pop sweetness and the girls will certainly be worth a go in their home-town.

PJ Harvey
San Miguel Stage: Saturday 28th May, 22:30h
The start time for Polly Jean is a bit of a stinker, she'll come on stage as the Champions League final heads towards the final whistle, I'm not sure what a Barcelona crowd will make of that, I'll be heading to the San Miguel Stage as soon as I possibly can to see PJ Harvey for the first time.

I was probably the last person in the UK to fall for her, only really getting into her material with the release of 'Let England Shake' this year and I'm intrigued to hear her live show after the album has blown me away.

The National
Llevant stage: Friday 27th May, 21:15h
I started the post with an obvious choice and I'll end it with one too, The National were my re-discovery of last year (I thought saw them in 2005 but didn't really fall for them until the release of "Bloodbuzz Ohio") and I'm very much looking forward to seeing them again and for the first time in 2011.

Many of you will know what to expect during their 75 minute slot, hopefully the decent set length will mean we'll be treated to many favourites and a few surprises... Will we get to hear "Exile Vilify" or "Think You Can Wait"? At Brixton they played "Lucky You" which was rather wonderful, though in all honesty them turning up will be enough, but if they play the stunning live versions of "About, Today" and "Terrible Love" I'll leave one very happy camper.

Sure I missed off Animal Collective, Battles, Factory Floor etc. FF probably would have got a shout but they play at 03.45!!! Even armed with Pro Plus I cannot see my old bones being awake then!