Sea Oleena - New Music "Introducing"

'Sleeplessness' is the latest offering from Montreal-based artist Sea Oleena (Charlotte Loseth), the mini album released last month follows two last year but is the first one to reach my ears, I feel like I've been missing out too because it is absolutely stunning.

Seven fragile and sensual dreamy folk tracks which will arose a beautiful state of weightlessness as they calm and sooth your senses, this is just the perfect music to end your day on, utterly tranquil and relaxing.

It's hard to pick stand-outs, the album plays as one continual intoxicating lullaby but with "Southbound" the opening track and introduction to Charlottes' wispy, ethereal voice bathed in perfectly piano and some minimal shimmering electronic washes you'll soon fall in love, there may be a melancholic tone to the nature of her voice and the sheer beauty it exudes just washes me in all kinds of loveliness.

"Sleepless Fever" and "Insomnia Plague" are sedatives for your senses, gentle waltzing acoustic guitar strumming and Charlotte's soft voice, "Sleep" accompanied by a rather lovely video below with its hazy, dreamy and chilly air that would be just perfect for an autumn day walk in the park.

The album is available digitally via bandcamp page, on a pay what you like basis, so be generous!
A cassette release is planned for June via - not available for pre-order just yet so keep an eye out for that.

Sea Oleena: Sleepless Fever

Sea Oleena – Southbound

Cold White Sheets - Sea Oleena from Kayla Hoglander on Vimeo.