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Whilst I was spouting lyrical about Austra I thought to myself (something like) "Where's the new Tasseomancy record, it's been bloody ages since I'd heard anything" - so I went to Google and found that unbeknown to me the girls had a kickstarter campaign for their second album, unfortunately it's expired now or I'd have contributed for sure, though thankfully they reached their target. On my second search I came across the details for its release, entitled 'Ulalume' it will be available through Out of This Spark in August of 2011 in the US, full track listing is up on the labels site. Us wonderful people in the UK won't have to import it as the album is also getting a release here via new label, Turf, that's doubly excellent news then!

I don't normally post PR speech, prefering to make something up of my own but I'm going to in this case because I think it encapsulates Tasseomancy perfectly:

"Tasseomancy is a continuation of what was a bare bones neo-gothic folk duo. Formerly known as Ghost Bees, Sari and Romy Lightman have begun to experiment with heavier, ambient sounds, influenced by hebraic song, war drums, ancestry and myth"

Following on from "Healthy Hands" which I posted back in January there is another new track on their Soundcloud page entitled "Soft Feet", it's absolutely stunning, compelling from the start as the girls sing in beautiful harmony, I said in my introducing piece that the music "sounds like its been created in a witches cove" and that dark, ominous chill is certainly still in the air although I'd throw in fairytale too, I can almost see Hansel and Gretel humming the tune through the woods. The horns and drums which kick in towards the end are my favourite bit - talk about wetting the appetite for more!

I said it on my Austra post but I don't care, please, please, open for Austra!

Soft Feet by tasseomancy

Here are a couple of rather spectacular videos: