Tearist - New Music "Introducing"


Now this is a post I've been meaning to do for ages, I saw Tearist play at The Old Blue Last at the end of March and the show was utterly mesmerising... One of the loudest shows I can remember (my ears were ringing for days) and one of the most commanding performances in memory (perhaps until I saw Josh T. Pearson last week) from frontwoman Yasmin Kittles. From the get-go she called upon every ounce of her body as she screamed and shrieked into her microphone like a possessed, demented creature. Spending her time between quivering around the small stage in a ritualistic trance, hammering metal pipes against everything and anything and delivering her powerful, intense vocals with wide open eyes starring into the audience.

William provides the engine for Yasmine's explosive display, his synth sounds are dense with thick layers of industrial rhythms and noise creating a pulsing heavy dark disco sound with propulsive drum machine beats, I'm not sure what genre you can call it; dark, experimental electro-dance will do.

Simply though, it was simply one hell of a fucking show.

They've a couple of releases, firstly a debut EP 12" (order) which came out right at the end of last year, similarly to the live sound I described it contains six raw tracks full of fierce outbursts, banshee wails and noisy samples throughout it's pounding, unrelenting and absolutely outstanding duration, listen to "Long Cold" and "Heedless" if you don't believe me.

More recently they released 'Tearist Living: 2009-Present' a vinyl live album LP which you can order here.

Tearist - Headless