Trogons - New Music "Introducing"

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The simple truth of the matter is there are too many bands and not enough time in the world to post all that I'd like to in-between work, leisure and bank holiday breaks. I've had Trogons highlighted to post for yonks now, the release of their debut 7" single (the first release by X-Ray) last week triggered me to finally give this post a quick re-work and publish...

Trogons are a four piece based in London formed from the break-up of various groups and led by Gemma Fleet of Kasms. "Contina" is a fine introduction to the groups, a psych-pop / garage-rock crossover, where dark organ lines interweave with a film-noir storyline befitting of a Lynch movie with its sinister chorus of "ha, ha, ha" backed wonderfully by jangly reverb-drenched guitar and precise percussion, "Contina" is certainly enough to perk up your attention.

The gothic undertones continue throughout "Protest Song No.678" (available as free download below) and "Rare Earth Metals", the unsettling vocal delivery really stand-outs amongst  rattling organ and solemn drums. I've heard Siouxsie mentioned as a similar artist, there is certainly an aspect of it in Gemma's voice although I'm leaning towards a slightly more left-of-centre Veronica Falls.  I'll certainly be keeping my eye on Trogons.

Links to buy the Flexi-disc 'Contina' here and live dates can be found here.

Trogons - Contina
Protest Song no.678 by TROGONS