Yohuna - New Music "Introducing"


A post I've been meaning to do for a while since I discovered Yohuna through a post on Anika In London, Johanne Swanson is a one-women bedroom project from Wisconsin and her four track debut EP 'Revery' is pretty stunning.

Opening track "Keep Apnea" is a perfect introduction, where Johanne's hauntingly beautiful echoey vocal swirls around sweeping synths and a percussive beat, it's raw emotive experimental music at its finest.

Like all the tracks present on this EP "Mateo" is washed in delicious reverb, its slow dreamy melodic ambience is luscious and the bittersweet vocals are completely enchanting. Closing track "Hometown Key" is perhaps even better, managing to make her lo-fi soundscapes fill the room with a massive, cavernous lullaby, utterly gorgeous.

Listen to one of the tracks below and you can stream / purchase a digital version of 'Revery' for just $1.00 from Bandcamp right now:
Yohuna - Mateo by morrisday

Here's a rather lovely video for "Hometown Key", it's a perfect accompaniment to the song.

Yohuna - Hometown Key from Caseytography on Vimeo.