Austra #7 - Noisey Session

Some rather splendid videos were uploaded today featuring one of my (and the Internet's) most blogged about (and listened to) artists of 2011, Katie Stelmanis' latest project, electro outfit Austra. I've not actually posted about them since the release of their debut album, the outstanding 'Feel it Break' but I'm sure if you've read this blog for a period of time you'd have guessed I'd have loved the album...

From my introduction to Austra, the dark, brooding beat driven "Beat and the Pulse" to the second single, the more pop-friendly hooks of the stylised "Lose It", it's simply majestic. Other highlights are the enchanted melodies of "Spellwork", album opener "Darken Her Horse" which combines twinkling keys with an industrial rhythm and then "The Beast" which abandons the dance-oriented electronic synth which is so compelling music in favour of a piano ballad which fully utilises Katie's powerful, operatically trained voice. In summation, it's an essential album.

A typically irresistible and somewhat sexual performance, as someone interview says "She basically kills it". You can watch it in full here. As well as videos for "Lose It", "Beat and the Pulse", "Spellwork" and "Hate Crime" there are some interviews with the band and audience members from a home-town show in Toronto.

If that's all tickled your fancy, you can come and see Austra live at Cargo on Thursday July 7th - tickets. Other UK dates too. Can't wait.