Dead Slow - New Music "Introducing"


I've not been able to find out too much info on London based duo Dead Slow, a new group comprised of Josh Cohen and Alanna McArdle. A quick glance at their facebook tells me that their influences are Pixies, Sonic Youth etc and their sound is lo-fi alternative / dark-pop.

Instead of an endless prose about how they met, what they had for dinner yesterday and their favourite colours, I'll let the music do the talking:

Listening to the demos of "This House" and "Hunting" it's easy to compare them with xx and why not, with luscious minimalist beats, gentle, intricate guitar strokes and smooth female vocals the tracks are simply delicious. Introspective, intimate and beautiful. Dead Slow might be unknown to many now, I doubt that will be the case for much longer. "Sleep" is just gorgeous, the subtle, melancholic mood is crying out to be your solitary night-time soundtrack which equally soothes and send shivers down your spine.

"M" and "Q" are slightly heavier, fuzzier, entering a grungy, ambient trip-hop sound which is equally breathtaking whilst Alanna's vocal retain an ethereal beauty that you can do nothing but fall for.

They play their first ever show at Brixton Windmill on July 7th (shame it clashes with Austra or I'd have definitely checked it out) - if you fancy going, ticket link is:

Listen below:
Sleep by Dead Slow
This House by Dead Slow
M by Dead Slow