Echo Lake #2 - Another Day

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Yesterday I mentioned that Echo Lake are playing a single launch show at White Heat on July 19th (tickets through - the website doesn't currently list them as playing but the flyer does) and that I didn't know what the single was, well, today I do...

The good news is that it's for a brand spanking new release and the great news is that the a-side (I've not heard the b-side yet) is bloody excellent. 'Another Day' will be released through No Pain In Pop on 18th July, the best word I can think of to describe the song (and the London quintet) is luscious.

Linda's fragile vocals are perhaps higher in the mix and less distorted than on the 'Young Silence EP', I like it. "Another Day" is a perfect track for those hazy, hot summers days we're yet to have this summer (maybe the track should have been released in April when we seemed to have had our 'summer'!) with glistening guitars that gradually build up in intensity to a crashing crescendo of beautiful shoegaze-pop noise.

It's gorgeous, Love. Listen below:

Another Day by Echo Lake