Elephant - New Music "Introducing"


Elephant are Amelia Rivas (vocals, keys) and Christian Pinchbeck (guitars, computers) and are now based in London. They've to date released one 7" single 'Ants' with another 'Allured' to follow next month, if these two singles are any indication I can see good things ahead for this minimalist synth-pop duo.

"Allured" is a simple love song, tinged for a sorrowful ambience. Amelia's woozy, fragile vocals are the centre-piece of the track whilst gentle, haunting keys and soft percussive beats lull you to a dreamy and beautiful state.

Earlier single "Ants" has this jaunty electronic organ/accordion thing going on, with some delicate shimmering guitar soundscapes it's ridiculously easy to listen to. Amelia's vocals again peaceful and swoonsome. Both of these lead tracks are utterly delicious. 'Ants' b-side "Wolf's Cry" hints at a more electro side, with throbbing synth warbles, the fore-front though still on the dreamy, gorgeous vocals.

Both singles were released by Memphis Industries and can be purchased here. You can hear both singles b-sides on the groups Soundcloud page.

Elephant - Allured by elephanttheband
Elephant - Ants by elephanttheband