Lucy Rose - Middle of the Bed

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I saw Lucy Rose last year at the Borderline and her gentle, sweet voice really struck a chord with me. Textured, warm and overwhelming beautiful, without any releases she's built up a strong following through live shows and some stunning video clips over the past 18 months or so and now she's finally ready to release her debut material.

Her first single "Middle of the Bed" is just heavenly, a melancholic folk-pop track that's a perfect summation of the powerlessness vulnerability of unrequited love, Lucy's mellow voice is the focal point backed by a gentle, acoustic guitar and some clickety-clack (?) percussion. It's a heart-breaking song that will send shivers down many a spine.

The single will be launched with a special gig at London's Cargo on Tuesday July 5th - full details. To warm you up you can download two acoustic tracks for the price address here.

Here's the video for the single:

Lucy Rose - Middle Of The Bed
Lucy Rose - First (acoustic)

Here is an absolutely gorgeous acoustic track entitled "Night Bus", a perfect antidote to sooth me after a stressful evening of packing for Glastonbury (this is it from me until next Monday / Tuesday... Fingers crossed on the weather front! Review next week).

Actually another one, this is just as good, I am definitely in love. My daughter would love this park, I think I might have to visit soon! If you recognise the male guitarist it's because he was in Razorlight.