Super Wild Horses - New Music "Introducing"


Melbourne duo Super Wild Horses infuse garage-rock shocks with noise-pop to deliver short, sharp, catchy tracks that easily fit within the same realm as Dum Dum Girls, Reading Rainbow, maybe even Best Coast too.  I don't think they've ever played the UK, but they should, they'll go down a storm here.

Minimal production throughout their sound is based upon a similar mould throughout, the girls voices, scuzzy guitar and flurries of stomping percussion that produces a highly energetic and extremely pleasing result. They released their debut album 'Fifteen' via US label Hozac Records towards the back end of last year, you can buy it here.

There are some sweeter moments like during the title-track before that too gets swamped with jolty drums and alt-rock fuzzed-up soundscapes. All in all, it's certainly a highly enjoyable ramshackle blast of fun, their abrasive style combined with some killer vocal harmonies is effortlessly cool, well worth a listen.

The whole album is up to stream on their Soundcloud, I've picked a couple of my favourites below:

Stranger by the Day by Super Wild Horses
Mess Around by Super Wild Horses
Fifteen by Super Wild Horses